OER and Pedagogy

Education consultant Jenny Mackness has posted an interesting discussion and list of ways that Open Educational Resources can drive pedagogy back into what it’s meant to be based on a talk from Dave Hill.

Here are the first three items on the list:

  • Now that we have more clarity around what we are allowed to do with OERs (through Creative Commons Licences), we can remix, repurpose and feed-forward OERs (to quote Stephen Downes). We can be more creative.
  • Perhaps OERs also enable us to challenge the ‘status quo’ – in the sense that ‘credible, quality’ content might no longer always be in peer reviewed journals, articles and academic sites, but might instead be on ‘John or Jane Doe’s blog’ or deep below the water line (iceberg metaphor).

Read the rest of the list and links to more resources at jennymackness.wordpress.com

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One Response to OER and Pedagogy

  1. Laurence Raw says:

    Brilliant stuff – I’ve quoted this piece in my latest chapter on blogging and adaptation. I can send a .doc copy if you like.

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