If the thought of preparing one more packet of Mi goreng for dinner is making you cry, you know it is time to treat yourself.

We have put together a mix of our TOP TEN CHEAP EATS around Hobart because it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from we know that every university student has experienced the simultaneous pain and joy felt when they decide to spend their last pennies on a deliciously cheap feed.

This list is only the beginning. We’ll be featuring other cheap eats around the rest of Tasmania soon.

What’s more – we want to hear from you!

Just think about it. A satisfied stomach is essential to effective study, so the information you share might just contribute to a fellow student’s future happiness and success.

Tell us where you go and describe your favourite menu item and in the meantime, here is our offering in alphabetical order…

#1 Ristorante Da Angelos

Da Angelos Battery Point  $$$$$

So you and your friend have been studying all day, you are hungry and tired and you only have $20 between you. How about you use that money to buy the best pizza in town, share it, and then sit back and let your stomachs hang out while you revel in the satisfaction that only pizza offers. This isn’t the cheapest pizza in town but it is the best. If you want the cheapest pizza look in your letterbox for special deals.

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#2 Dumpling World

Dumpling world 1Hobart City  $$$$$

Lunch or dinner, Dumpling World delivers a good, affordable feed every time. The range of dumplings, hand made on site, steamed or pan-fried, and delicious soups will keep you going in summer and warm in winter. Dumpling World is also located next to Pilgrim Coffee, which has the best coffee in town. Win Win!

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#3 Frankies Empire Coffee House

Frankies EmpireHobart City $$$$$

Frankies Empire Coffee House is as much about the local music industry as it is about food, and everyone knows that the only person as broke as a student is a musician.  As such, Frankies Empire provide a cheap hearty feast that caters to vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dietary requirements. The atmosphere is relaxed and there is free WiFi.

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#4 The Homestead

The homesteadNorth Hobart $$$$$

Good cheap, hearty pub grub (Australian colloquial for pub food) and music. There is also free 8 ball and games to play. Pretty much the complete package.

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#5 Kinoki Deli

Kinoki Deli 1Hobart City $$$$$

Kinoki Deli offers the best in Japanese food and groceries. Not only is the food delicious and authentic but where possible the ingredients are ethically produced from local growers. Check it out next time you are in the city.

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#6 Koma Ramen

Koma RamenHobart City $$$$$

Koma Ramen is new and is credited with being the first Ramen restaurant in Hobart. They don’t have much of an online presence at this stage but they are worth checking out. They make their own noodles and slow-cook their soup for over 12 hours!! Located in the city with a reasonably priced menu, we would love to know what you think!

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#7 Little India

UntitledHobart City $$$$$

Little India offers ready to go Indian from Goat Marsala to Mango Chicken. They have a good reputation for naan and roti, and people seeking Halal dishes should look no further.

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#8 Provedore By Ethos

provadoreHobart City $$$$$

Ok… so this Restaurant isn’t entirely cheap but what they do offer is a very unique purchasing option which means you only pay for the amount of food you feel like eating. They have a range of dishes made with the freshest of local, organic ingredients and you take a plate and add as much or as little as you like. Then they weigh it and you pay. Try it out and you will see that this efficiency makes for a cheap lunch. Also while you are there ask them about their delicious frozen yoghurt shop and when your parents visit, ask them to take you to Ethos for the very best in Tasmanian food and fine dining!!

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#9 Sawak Cafe

sawak foodHobart City $$$$$

Sawak Cafe has a huge menu of authentic Malaysian dishes. The food is great and so is the service. They also have a loyalty card so every tenth meal is free. Definitely worth trying next time you have a few dollars to spare!

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#10 Written On Tea

Written on teaHobart City and Sandy Bay   $$$$$

Written On Tea was the restaurant of choice for the officials traveling with the Chinese President Xi Jinping. With two very popular shops located in the city and Sandy Bay, written on tea also offers karaoke in their function room!! Pop in and share a dish or two with friends.

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