By Jiayan Wang, 2015 Law Graduate (Singapore)

I was first introduced to the University of Tasmania at a University Fair by a very vivacious law professor who went out of her way to secure my enrolment. A few months later on her second trip to Singapore, she then rang me up and gave me a few law books for some light reading during my gap year to better prepare me before the degree. This level of hospitality and care continued throughout my past few years at the University of Tasmania, where I saw multiple professors take on duties beyond what is ordinarily expected of them to assist international students with personal issues. What drew me most to the University of Tasmania  before I began my studies was the unique level of closeness and bond between the students and faculty members, as promised in the brochure, due to our relatively smaller class sizes. However, we have been given so much more than merely an opportunity to address professors by first names; instead we were given a whole new unparalleled level of support.

The University of Tasmania may be a relatively small university, but the teaching staff are bursting with passion and opportunities of growth for students are abundant. Over the years I have seen many shy and hesitant peers develop into assured law students under the coaching and encouragement of tutors. I love how student feedback is given great weight and consideration in improving the faculty and courses conducted, and how easily approachable tutors are. Furthermore, it continues to amaze me that the University recruits a good number of senior international students to tutor juniors via ISSP programmes, and commissions international student leaders to meet prospective students at University Fairs. These are initiatives distinctive to the University of Tasmania experience, and one that made me feel so lucky to be here, and to be given the chance to be so fully engaged with the University while studying here.

If you want to join the University of Tasmania to study a Bachelor of Laws and receive the level of support I received, enquire now with the international team.

This article first appeared in the international student profile section of the Faculty of Law.