Learning English is no easy task – but the rewards are plenty! From making friends in a new culture, to studying overseas, to the excitement of being able to communicate something in your second language – here are the ten tips to make language English a laugh!

1. Get “Appy”.  There is no shortage of free language learning apps that you can download to your mobile and take with you anywhere! These apps feel more like playing a game than studying, and break content down into topics to make learning simple and fun. Duolingo is a popular choice – it’s been downloaded almost three million times!

2. Buddy-up.  Find an English speaking friend who is interested in learning your native language, and take turns to teach each other.

3. Study at the pub.  Best done with friends, a lively social group can help you shake the nerves that come with speaking in a second language – you might be surprised by your fluency!

4. Have a movie night.  Pick a favourite film or TV series and see if it’s available in English. You’ll already be familiar with some of the plot – and you’ll get to enjoy your favourite film from a whole new perspective. Check out Netflix.com to see what’s available.

5. Get a hobby.  Youtube is booming, so why not find out about your favourite hobby from a foreign perspective? From gaming to beauty lessons – you’ll pick up colloquialisms and get familiar with local accents by watching Australian YouTube stars.

6. Rhyme away.  Songs stick in our heads for a reason. Learn the lyrics of some songs local to the destination you’re travelling – anyone can connect when they’re talking about music! Start by heading to the Land Down Under.

7. Bake your worries away.  If you love being in the kitchen, why not explore a new cuisine and try cooking from a foreign recipe. Not only will you improve your food vocabulary, but you’ll get to sample something new – Lamingtons, anyone?

8. Get cheeky.  Nobody ever forgets swear words when they learn a foreign language, and Australians are famous for their creativity in this department. So start your study by focusing on the things you shouldn’t say!

9. Go team!  Join a local foreign language Meet-up to find a hobby group dedicated to practising the language. You might make a few friends along the way.

10. And Finally…Learning a language is a journey, not an end goal – so take the pressure off and don’t expect yourself to say everything perfectly. You’ll notice an improvement immediately.

Good luck… mate!

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