Done with finals and looking for a getaway during summer with your friends?

Here are top ten places to road trip in Tasmania during summer!

1. Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden
  During summer, The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Garden is a great place to spend the afternoon. You can have a picnic in the sun and enjoy nature with the beautiful flowers blooming. On top of that, it is free of charge!Visit here for more information!


2. Zoodoo Zoo
  Zoodoo Zoo is located at Richmond which is just a 30 minute drive from Hobart CBD. It costs only $25 and  you can have many close encounters with the animals. You also get to see the famous Tasmanian Devil!Visit here to find out more!


 3. Bridestowe Lavender Farm
Bridestowe has the largest lavender farm in Tasmania. During summer, you can witness the lavender flowers in bloom and you can walk through the endless curved rows of lavender blooms. It’s a short 45 minute drive from Launceston and although it is a 3 hour drive from Hobart CBD, it is worth the drive as it will take your breath away and it is free of charge to enter with your student ID!Find out more on their website!


4. Tahune Airwalk Tasmania
Tahune Airwalk is noted on ‘Tasmania’s Top 100 Bucket List Experience’. It is located in Geeveston which is a 90 minutes’ drive south of Hobart. At Tahune Airwalk, you get to walk 20-30 metres above the forest floor and admire the wilderness as well as the Huon River. It is $25.20 for students and an ideal place for you to spend the whole day.Check out their website for more information!


5. Mount Wellington
If you are the kind that loves bush walking or photography, Mount Wellington is the ideal place for you. From dry woodlands to windswept summits, Mount Wellington has amazing tracks and trails to follow and stunning vistas. You can take a bus up to Fern Tree and commence from there!Visit here for more details on what trails are available and other requirements.


6. The Cataract Gorge
The Cataract Gorge is a river gorge and has the first ever basin on the Southern Side which features the gorge’s scenic chairlift, two cafes and a swimming pool surrounded by bushland – and peacocks! If you are a student studying in the Sandy Bay Campus, it is about a 2 hour 30 minute drive from Hobart CBD. However, if you are a student studying in the Newnham Campus, it is a 2 minute drive from the Launceston city centre. Great to chill out between classes!Visit here for more information!


7. Eaglehawk Neck
The Tessellated Pavement looks like man-made tiles that took over hundreds of years to form by the ocean. The most well-known example of a tessellated pavement is found at Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula of Tasmania. It is about an hour away from the Hobart CBD. Next to the Tessellated Pavement is a beautiful beach known as Pirates Bay.Dip your toes into the ocean and just have a relaxing day by the beach!
8. Maingon Bay Lookout
Maingon Bay is a hidden gem of Tasmania. It offers a beautiful lookout with scenery that is breath-taking. Next to the lookout, there is a stairway to the Remarkable Cave which is only 15 minutes down and back. The cave is a deep rock bridge carved out of the sandstone cliff.Definitely worth a visit! 
9. Fishing at Battery Point Dock
If you love fishing, summer would be a great time to catch Australian salmon, barracudas, the notorious flatheads and if you are lucky, gummy sharks. There is a pier down at Battery Point for you to go fishing and also enjoy the beautiful view.Here’s a hint, go either early in the morning or in the evening when the fish are hungry! 
10. Tasmazia
Tasmazia is located at the Promised Land. Yes, you read that right, in Tasmania there is a place named the Promised Land which is right in the heart of Cradle Mountain and Lakes District. Just over an hour’s drive from Launceston or 3 and a half hours (so start early!) to get there, it is well worth the trip as the mazes (as the name suggests) are filled with funny signs that will definitely tickle your funny bone. After a good run around the maze, you can sit down by the Pancake Parlour and enjoy a good meal.Click here for more information!