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UPDATE: This event is available to watch online via the University of Tasmania’s livestream page.

Tasmania is not immune to the ‘Trump effect’, warns economist Saul Eslake ahead of Tuesday (May 16) night’s free public forum 100 Days of Trump, hosted by the University of Tasmania’s Institute for the Study of Social Change.

Mr Eslake will join fellow panellists Natasha Stott Despoja AM, Brendon O’Connor and Matt Killingsworth in what promises to be a lively discussion on the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s administration and its likely impact on US politics, the economy, foreign policy, democracy and gender equity.

Mr Eslake said there was an ongoing tension between what Trump said he would do prior to the election and what he will be able to get past Congress and the courts. “The more of the former that Trump is able to do – for example, start trade wars with Australia’s most important trading partner – the more likely it is that the US dollar will go down rather than up,” Mr Eslake said. “And hence the Australian dollar would go up, at least versus the US dollar. That would be bad for some of the more important sectors of the Tasmanian economy which have been doing very well in recent years, such as agriculture and tourism.”

Natasha Stott Despoja, former Democrats leader and former Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls, is the chair of Our Watch, a not-for-profit organisation established to drive nation-wide change in culture, behaviours and attitudes that underpin and create violence against women and children.
Ms Stott Despoja said it was notable that on President Trump’s first full day in office he signed an executive order blocking US funds to any organisation involved in abortion advice and care overseas.
“If you wondered what the ascension of Donald Trump would mean for women’s and girls’ empowerment, we now have a pretty clear idea,” Ms Stott Despoja said. “As half a dozen men looked on, Donald Trump signed an executive order reinstating the “global gag rule”, signalling loudly his views on reproductive rights and gender equality in the international arena.”

About the event:

Where: Stanley Burbury Theatre, University Centre, Sandy Bay campus

When: Tuesday, May 16, 6pm (refreshments from 5:30pm)

Panellists: Natasha Stott Despoja AM, Chair of Our Watch, former Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls and former Leader of the Australian Democrats; Brendon O’Connor, Associate Professor in American Politics, University of Sydney and regular commentator on ABC television’s Planet America; Saul Eslake, independent economist and Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow, University of Tasmania; Dr Matt Killingsworth, Head of Politics and International Relations, University of Tasmania;

Chair: Professor Richard Eccleston, director, Institute for the Study of Social Change.

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