Internet connectivity during COVID-19: Report 27

The Tasmania Project’s second general survey asked respondents to indicate agreement with 8 statements designed to assess their level of access, skill, and confidence in using the Internet. They also responded to 4 statements which focused on assessing the effects of the pandemic and social restrictions requiring much more time at home.

We want to know whether Tasmanians are sufficiently included in the digital world which, now more than ever, is an essential part of successful life, work and study.

The headline outcome is worrying evidence of digital exclusion: while many Tasmanians report good connectivity, skills and ability to use the Internet, there are several indicators of disadvantage for a significant minority of respondents.

This report should be read in conjunction with the report Internet activity and wellbeing during COVID-19 (The Tasmania Project – Report 26) which sheds light on what Tasmanians have found more and less important in using the Internet in recent months.

To view the full report please follow the link.

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