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This blog is intended to be a place for individuals to share their ideas, concerns and opportunities of relevance to UTAS’ role as a key educational and research institution, major employer and economic contributor in northern Tasmania.

It is an opportunity for UTAS, its communities and individuals to learn from one another through sharing of experiences, expectations and relationships within a vibrant forum where constructive feedback and participation are encouraged.

UTAS aims to create and support an environment of inclusiveness and of intellectual and cultural diversity; an environment that offers life long learning for those with and without academic backgrounds.

We want your stories! If you have a story to tell about your own community-university engagement work and experience, or if you know of a story that you think others would be interested in hearing, please comment on this post.


David on

I have had many informative and stimulating engagements with UTas events in Hobart, and I congratulate you on your two recent debates. The panel for last night's debate on euthanasia was of a very high calibre and well balanced. I drove to Launceston from Hobart with the expectation of a lively and well informed debate, only to be turned away on arrival by a security guard who was, frankly, quite rude, literally turning his back on our need for shelter from the rain and access to a toilet before the return journey. I understand that the venue could not be over-filled for safety reasons, but it was reasonable to expect a crowd of considerable size given the topic and the quality of the panel. I am most disappointed that a larger venue was not arranged from the outset, or at least considered once the crowd size became known. Alternatively, it may have been possible to broadcast the debate to the lobby for those who could not be accommodated in the auditorium. The offer of a little basic hospitality would not have reduced our disappointment at missing the debate, but at least we would have come away feeling refreshed and comfortable. I urge you to consider a larger venue for future debates, and to train security staff in basic good manners and hospitality to ensure that people are not discouraged from attending future events.

Shan White on

this does sound extremely like a very interesting way to spend one night a month, is there a minimum standard of philosophical understanding require to participate?

Graham Wood on

The Cafe is held on the first Tuesday of each month (except January and February) at the Royal Oak Hotel in Launceston. It starts at around 6pm and runs through till about 7:30pm, but often people will stay afterwards, chat, and have a meal. The Philosophy Cafe is facilitated by staff from the School of Philosophy at UTAS.

Shan White on

When, where and what time is the monthly Philosophy Cafe and who is it facilitated by?

Graham Wood on

One of the community engagement activities I enjoy the most is the monthly Philosophy Cafe in Launceston. It is a great opportunity for any member of the community to meet with other people, in a spirit of constructive debate, to rigourously explore a range of philosophical questions.

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