Introducing the new AMC Librarian

I am Ian Bollard and I have started an 18 month secondment as the AMC Librarian. I come to the AMC Library with a background of providing information and liaison services recently in the sciences at the Launceston Campus Library and previously in other disciplines such as business.  In the darkest past I worked at the Bureau of Meteorology library in Melbourne. I hope to complete my studies in the Graduate Certificate in University Learning and Teaching this year. I am committed to improving the learning opportunities in information skills so staff and students can become independent researchers. I am keen to demonstrate the services and resources available to staff and students. It  is an interesting fact that the AMC Library has the next largest number of loans behind the bigger libraries of the Launceston Campus and Morris Miller Libraries. If you are in the vicinity, please drop by the AMC Library and say hello to Michelle and Ian.


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