OA Week Day Five: Flickr Commons

So, our five day countdown of UTAS Library’s favourite Open Access initiatives draws to a close.

For the last day, we’ve chose to highlight Flickr Commons, a nice way to finish the week, by browsing through a fascinating collection of thousands of images from the world’s great libraries and museums, all of which are available under creative commons licensing.

This image titled Hobart, Tasmania is from the collection of Oregon State University, available through Flickr Commons.

As well as browsing through these amazing images, you can contribute by ‘tagging’ images and adding comments if you know more about the image and want to share it.

Access Flickr Commons here: http://www.flickr.com/commons/

Also, please share your favourite Open Access initiatives in the comments of this week’s posts, there are so many amazing things going on with Open Acess, it has been hard to narrow down the choices.


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