Upcoming changes to MyLO in 2017

Why are we making changes to MyLO?

The system we use for MyLO – called Brightspace – has updated its user interface which they have called Daylight. Daylight will look and feel differently and will adapt reponsively dependant on the size of your device. It is has a cleaner, more modern interface and will be much easier to use.  The Daylight interface will be turned on in time for semester two 2017. By updating the unit homepage and navigation in time for semester one 2017, we hope to prevent user shock in semester two.  We have not updated the look and feel of the system since we began using it in 2012 and with five years of experience in supporting MyLO and with recommendations from both staff and students ( most recently via a survey with near on 400 submissions), we will be updating the unit homepage to make it easier for you to access the tools you need.

So what is changing?

  • An updated MyLO homepage to make use of the features coming in Daylight. This includes a new navigation bar (navbar) with access to tools and systems that assist with learning and teaching. Homepage navbar
    • Other Systems: ePortfolio, Locker, LOR, Wiggio, Office365, MyMedia, e-Student, Timetable
    • Help & Resources: Change Password, Request Assistance, Self Help & How to, Getting started with MyLO, Turnitin Academic Honesty Unit, Teaching Online in MyLO, D2L Support Documentation
    • Library & Learning Support: Ask Us, Contact the Library, Learning Support, Library Website, Reading Lists, Referencing, The LIST – Tutorials, Help for First year students, Support and Equity, Talk to a Student Advisor, Current Student Website
  • A new navigation bar (navbar) default for units. This new navbar uses groups rather than having all tools placed separately. There is now also the addition of MyMedia on the toolbar for easy access to recordings in each unit.
    • Communication: Discussions, Web Conferencing ( Ultra version only), Announcements, Calendar, Wiggio
    • Assessments: Assignments, Quizzes, Checklist, Self Assessments, Surveys, Awards, Rubrics, ePortfolio
    • Admin & Help: Unit Admin, Manage Files, Class Progress, Turnitin Academic Honesty Unit, Insights Portal( Unit Reports), Request assistance, Self Help & How to, D2L Support Documentation
  • Reminder that Online rooms Collaborate version 12.6 will no longer be used. Web conferencing will use the Ultra version only.
  • Reminder that the Feedback Studio (the new version  of Turnitin) will be your  default option from 5th January 2017 when grading using Turnitin. The classic version can be used until July 2017.
  • The unit homepage has also been redesigned.
    • Unit information widget has been moved to the left.This will also be updated before semester one to utilise space
    • An Updates widget has been added. This shows updates to the unit including unread discussion posts, quizzes not attempted or still ungraded, new assignment submissions or unread feedback, new enrolments and broken links.
    • The content browser has been removed (as students can miss inportant information if they use this way to access content)
    • My Links widget has been removed
    • Role switch widget has been removed
    • University Repositories widget renamed to “University Help Documentation”
    • We are also looking at creating a new Instructor widget which would include information for students such as lecturer email, contact times etc.

Preview of new unit homepage layout for semster one 2017:


When  are the changes going ahead?

  • Updates to MyLO navigation and homepages in exisiting look and feel will go ahead 11th January 2017
  • Daylight interface to be turned on in MyLO on 28th of June 2017

What will Daylight Look like?

Daylight is still a work in progress and will not be ready for production until next year. Not all features are complete or available yet, so there may be some further changes to certain features. As yet we have not been able to add branding. The pictures within My Units are automatically allocated and can be changed by lecturers. We are looking at seeing if we can do this upon unit creation in MyLO Manager. This is what Daylight looks like as of the current December release.

MyLO Homepage:

Daylight MyLO homepage

MyLO Unit Homepage:

For more information on these changes you can watch a recent recording here: https://echo360.org.au/media/ae59f430-b642-47be-8058-e4fdc7535c15/public



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