Shelf Life Prediction Service

free and confidential shelf life prediction service for processors and exporters of VP meat

  • What would be the impact of storing my vacuum-packaged meat product at a different temperature?
  • What is the likely condition of a vacuum-packaged meat product that has been temperature-abused?
  • What is the effect of a power outage?

Download the Shelf Life Enquiry Form

Provide as much detail as you can to help us give an accurate prediction.

Send completed form to:

Dr Chawalit (Jay) Kocharunchitt (TIA)

Jay will provide advice, including the vacuum-packaged meat’s predicted shelf life.

Contribute to future development

Your questions and feedback will contribute to our understanding of the accuracy and potential uses of the prediction model.

Supporter logos MLA Meat and Livestock Australia, AMPC Australian Meat Processor Corporation and TIA Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

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