Tips from students – time is precious, use it wisely

Make the most of every spare moment that you have:

  • Waiting for children after school, at sports or other activities, or those annoying times in a doctor’s surgery or in any situation in which you are waiting impatiently – take your book and highlighter or stickers and complete a reading passage or write a couple of essay paragraphs. (See below for using an IPAD)
  • Queuing to get into a footie (or other) match or sitting through four long quarters or even in the breaks – have a study task in mind and see if you can complete it by the end of the match – without interfering with your barracking, of course!!
  • If you can acquire an IPAD, download your work and have it with you wherever you go: train, bus, ferry, plane, long car ride (as long as you are not the driver!!)- use all these previously ‘empty’ moments to achieve some study tasks
  • Download your lectures to your IPOD and listen to them on your walks (for a change from your favourite band!!) This may seem a bit conscientious for student with loads of time but for busy people, this can be a real bonus and leave them feeling satisfied at another task accomplished.

Carolyn says: Please email me your best study tips so that I can add to the list and help other students. Thanks.


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