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Following the release of the Web Publishing Guidelines in February 2010 it is now mandatory for all UTAS organisational units to use a web address under the UTAS domain.

As we progress the content management system implementation we will be gradually making all web addresses across UTAS more consistent. From now on, all web addresses need to be formally requested through, and approved by, University Web Services via it the IT Service Desk.

Requirements for acceptable web addresses can be found in the Web Publishing Guidelines but they will generally be of the form www.utas.edu.au/something-meaningful/.  This makes sense not just because it creates consistency across UTAS but because web addresses that actually mean something and use real words separated by hyphens can be interpreted by search engines and so help to make your site rank more highly in searches.

High profile or UTAS-wide sites will have web addresses of the form www.something-meaningful.utas.edu.au, for example www.staff.utas.edu.au or www.human-resources.utas.edu.au. Faculties and schools will use web addresses of the form www.faculty.utas.edu.au/school-name/ as this will create a more logical heirarchy across UTAS and make it easier for site users to identify where they are in the organisation.

For advice on choosing your web address or to request a new web address contact University Web Services via it the IT Service Desk or on x1818.


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