Launch of MyMedia Service

The new MyMedia Service has been launched in June as a replacement for the old Lectopia/iLecture service that had been running since 2005. The MyMedia Service is the new generation of lecture capture and delivery, providing new and exciting features for both staff and students from Semester 2 2011.

For more information visit the MyMedia Service website.

The objective of this phase is to ensure that the MyLO 2012 Project is positioned so the organisation is able to implement the new LMS across UTAS in 2012. To achieve this end, the Project Team and staff—particularly in ITR and CALT—will need to accomplish a number of complex inter-related activities between when the Project Board endorses a recommendation and the end of 2011. Figure A1.1 illustrates important milestones (at the top of the diagram) and maps out various activities and timings below the line. Explanations for select elements, proposed components and timing follow the diagram.

Figure A1.1 Implementation timeline 2011

Staff recruitment and training

Early recruitment and training of suitable staff is crucial; these personnel will perform the roles of Educational Developers (EDs) and Learning System Support Officers (LSSO). EDs and LSSOs will support and train UTAS academic and professional staff in the new LMS.

System integration

Setup and configuration of the system to suit the UTAS environment is needed.

Warranted also is an evaluation and review of the D2L Learning Suite and its ‘fit’ in relation to other UTAS learning and teaching systems, requirements and strategies (for example, ePortfolios or web conferencing).

It will be critical to conduct required integration with UTAS systems (USRS, Lectopia/Echo System, Library System and so on) and to ensure that appropriate disaster recovery and back-up solutions are in place.

Minimum Online Presence (MOP)

MOP has been identified as essential to the future of flexible learning at UTAS in a number of fora including Your Voice, discussions on the eLearning Strategy and the MyLO 2012 requirements survey.

In collaboration with academic staff and students the development of MOP framework that can be applied to all courses across all faculties, schools and institutes is being determined and is planned for implementation concurrently with the new LMS.

New system pilot

There is need to conduct a pilot of the new LMS to ensure that the system is meeting quality specifications and to safeguard the validity of the training.

Rollout plan

This plan will be formulated and undertaken in consultation with the Project Board. Consideration will need to be given to key dates, priorities and aspirations in academic organisational units.

Phase 2 – Conversion and implementation – January 2012 to June 2013

Initial rollout

Rollout will occur to faculties, schools and institutes as described in the rollout plan. LSSOs will be embedded in faculties/schools/institutes and EDs will be deployed in various ways appropriate to need. LSSOs will support both novice users and those who are more experienced by providing both tools and expertise to academic and professional staff and to students to ensure UTAS receives the most value from the investment. EDs will provide support associated with the pedagogical integrity of course design.

Reviewing integration

A review the integration work completed in the previous stage will be needed to ensure accuracy and correct functionality to reduce the likelihood of time-based data corruption and system failure.

Review system performance

The lessons learned from other implementations suggest that system performance can suffer as load increases. The team will test the LMS to ensure that performance issues are resolved to minimise any impact on the success of the implementation.


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