Web Policy and Web Publishing Guidelines revised

TheĀ  UTAS Web Policy (PDF 144KB) and the Web Publishing Guidelines (PDF 472KB) have both recently been reviewed and amended versions were approved in September. The revisions included some refinements needed after using these in practice as well as updating to reflect the latest version of theĀ  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. Some minor changes to titles and positions was also needed.

Please familiarise yourself with the latest versions of these documents and please contact Web Services for advice on interpreting the guidelines if needed.


Darren on

yes there should and now there are. we have just updated the design today. thanks Gwen

Gwen on

Regarding the above post, shouldn't there be underlining for the links "UTAS Web Policy" and "Web Publishing Guidelines", if we are to comply with the Web Publishing Guidelines? Lead by example? :-)

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