Morris Miller Library refurbishment works 2017

The Morris Miller Library continues its transformation, quite literally from top to bottom.

The basement level of the Library, formerly known as the Underground, has been completely transformed and now hosts the PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) program. Previously a closed in space dedicated to videoconferencing, the basement level (pictured below) is now bright, open plan, serviced by fully equipped kitchen facilities and suitable for a range of individual and group-based learning modes.

Level 1 of the Library, meanwhile, has received some brand new consultation spaces and much-needed office space for staff.

Level 2 has been refurbished to provide consultation spaces, staff offices and combined, “one stop shop” Library/Student Centre front of house services. Plans are in place to relocate Student Centre staff from their existing location in the Administration Building during the semester break in June.

The Drop-in Centre team has been relocated to level 3. Again, this area has been refurbished to provide dedicated consultation areas and staff offices.


DSC_2363 DSC_2365


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