Travel behaviour survey results

More than 2,600 students and staff participated in the 2017 University of Tasmania Travel Behaviour Survey. This biennial survey, which was first run in 2013, remains the largest independent travel survey of its kind in Tasmania.

Survey results show a clear improvement in the University’s collective uptake of sustainable transport modes, but this is heavily dependent on campus. Read more here.

A Menzies Institute for Medical Research survey focusing on the beneficial public health outcomes from use of public transport was held concurrently with the travel behaviour survey.

Stakeholders from across Tasmania came together earlier this month to discuss the findings from both surveys. The stakeholder workshop was run from the University’s immersive video conference rooms at each regional campus in a great demonstration of ‘virtual travel’. All levels of government, public transport service providers, active transport advocates and researchers explored how this data reflects the changing face of transport in Tasmania as well as how it can be applied for future planning.

University bus


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