A new College proposal

Dear colleagues,

The Faculty of Health and Menzies Institute for Medical Research executives are proposing a strategic alignment through the formation of a new College of Health and Medicine.  The name of the College has been suggested as it speaks to all disciplines of the current academic units proposed for incorporation:

  • Menzies Institute for Medical Research
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Health Sciences
  • Wicking Dementia Education and Research Centre

The proposal of the College follows a series of conversations around how best to position the University for the future, and how to remain at the forefront of world-class medical research, education and clinical translation.

While the formation of the proposed College of Health and Medicine would have minimal impact on the vast majority of staff, who would continue to carry out their roles in much the same way, this is an important opportunity to review and address inefficient organisational practices.

The College would be led by a Pro Vice-Chancellor and structured to facilitate a high performing culture to achieve research excellence and quality education programs across the health and medicine disciplines. The formation of the College would also broaden access for students to internationally recognised research.

The formation of the College would allow those areas of the University focused on the delivery of world class health and medical research to work together unencumbered by the current structural imperatives.

The move would also facilitate greater links with government, health services and health professionals to support research translation into clinical practice and policy.

Importantly, it is considered that the key institutional priorities around academic mission and delivery of world-standing research would be better served by the formation of the College. Unique and critical aspects of existing operations will be taken into account if the establishment of the College proceeds.

The proposal will be considered by Academic Senate and University Council in the coming months.

We will keep staff and students informed of how the proposal progresses.

Best wishes and thank you all,

Denise and the Faculty Management Team


Nuala Byrne on

Thanks for the comments so far, it is really important to get engagement from staff. The proposed name of the College has been suggested through discussion with the Heads/Directors of the current academic units. There will be opportunities in each of these units for staff to discuss this further and I look forward to hearing your views in person.

Sue on

Oh dear how embarrassing to be part of an organisation so stuck in the last century. Health AND medicine? Is medicine not part of 'team' health? should the name be College of Health and Disease? What message does this send our students about IPL? How can we expect students from the different disciplines to 'mingle in the quad' when our leadership is maintaining the health 'caste system' of the past? Please folks, if we have to shuffle the deckchairs to align with this 'college' idea, I would suggest simplicity - the College of Health (plus the saving in ink will go a little way to reducing the cost of changing all the stationary, again).

Liz Cummings on

Wondering why the new name is College of Health and Medicine and not something more inclusive like College of Health and Wellbeing? Will staff be able to have input into this? What consultation has occurred in determining the name and structure? Where do the disciplines feature in the new structure? Will they be maintained?

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