A new Faculty Plan to transform health into the future

Dear colleagues,

SMALL-FACULTY-OF-HEALTH-STAFF-2015-natalie-mendham-photography-1 (Custom) (3)It has been a very busy few months in the Faculty of Health, with many of us involved in preparing our Faculty Plan for 2017. We presented the plan at the Vice Chancellor’s Annual Review (VCAR) process in June and have now finalised the plan with feedback from the VCAR panel. I am delighted to share with you the high level goals of this plan, which will guide the work of all of us in the Faculty.

Informed by the University’s Open to Talent strategic plan, our vision as the Faculty of Health is to be globally recognised for quality health professional education, and transformative health and medical research.

We will work with communities and partners to improve health outcomes, achieved through world class research and health professional education.

The key areas in our Faculty Plan are: Learning & Teaching; Research; Internationalisation and Community.

While there are many goals and measures in each of these areas to which everyone can contribute, here are just some headline indicators:

  • In Learning & Teaching we will ensure the quality and relevance of our curriculum, across all courses.
  • In research, we will be working to develop a Health and Medical Research Plan for the University.
  • Our international focus is around building quality learning and teaching and research partnerships.
  • Building an alumni culture and impactful partnerships locally, interstate and overseas will help us secure genuine community engagement.

The Faculty Plan is supported by the annual operational plans developed by the School of Medicine, School of Health Sciences and the Wicking Centre. It is intended that these plans direct, guide and support us in achieving our vision as a Faculty. We need a range of enablers to help us do this, including corporate services, leadership development, marketing and communications to name a few.

The most vital ingredient in our Faculty Plan and the plans that underpin it is our people.

Each of you is contributing to our vision of transforming health and I look forward to working with you all to deliver our Faculty Plan in 2017.

Denise Fassett, Dean


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