I came to the University of Tasmania on exchange because I wanted more of an international perspective on life. Being from the States you get a lot of cultures but being on exchange you get to see it from the other side.

I come from a flat place in the US. So my first impression of coming to Tasmania and the university was that the place has lots of hills and people walk. So my main memory is walking up the campus hill, seeing people walking by, waving and being friendly. It was really nice.

The units I’m taking here complement my course back home so I’m not losing time. While agriculture here in Tasmania is set up differently to the US, studying here gives me different ways of looking at things and I’ll be able to take back that perspective which will contribute to my learning and culture.

The most positive experience here has been faculty and staff here at the University of Tasmania. They have never made me feel like an outside for being an international student. They’ve always shared their first-hand knowledge and experience and come to help me no matter what time, what place they’ve always come to help me if I’ve needed it.

Studying agricultural science here is good as we get to do a mix of theory and hands on. So I get to go to the lab and out to the university farm as well as the usual lectures.

Another of the advantages is that I get great connections outside of the States. If I come back to Tasmania which I probably will do, I would like to come back to work with the seed company I’ve developed ties with through studying here.

There is a lot to do here to. When I’m not studying my favourite things to do are probably bushwalking and hanging out with my mates from Christ College. The place I most like to be here in Tasmania is the footy field with everyone – playing footy, Frisbee, maybe even cricket.

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