I’m from the tropical island nation of the Maldives. I wanted to study something more than just marine science, so I decided to come to the University of Tasmania to study the Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Studies. I researched a lot of universities. I compared the University of Tasmania with other universities and I found they provided a really unique course –the only marine and Antarctic science degree in the world. It also ticked all the boxes of what I wanted to study. So I said, “That’s it, this is the degree, this is the uni!”, so I decided then and there to come to Tasmania.

The University of Tasmania has the world’s top facilities for marine and Antarctic science; it’s really a five star place. The IMAs building is purpose built and really amazing right on the water front. And it has the Aurora Australis, right there next to it. Where else in the world could you study Antarctic studies and have the Antarctic research ship that later on could take you to the Antarctic to do your research? It’s incredible!

The course is first class and dedicated to Marine and Antarctic studies. You don’t have to study what you don’t want to study in the course, the flexibility is provided. This course has all the specifications I need for the marine science field.  The best thing about studying marine science is the choice of units, it makes all the difference and allows for specialization in either marine science or Antarctic or a bit of both.

My favourite place on campus is the Morris Miller library; there’s 24-hour access, a coffee shop and lots of resources available including free skype to call home.

Outside of university I’m involved in Scouts Australia, which teaches life skills and creates better citizens. The culture is great in Australia. I’m a martial artist, and doing that here also. Hobart has a wide range of activities and it’s great to partake in those with local people. It’s a great experience.

The culture in Australia is very diverse, and I can fit in anywhere here and people make me feel welcome.

It is a great and rare opportunity to be able to study Marine Sciance and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania. IMAS is one of the top research facilities in the world. In fact, I doubt there is any other university in the world that offers a world class facility like this to normal undergraduates to study Marine and Antarctic Science. I would recommend University Tasmania to any student wanting to study Marine and Antarctic studies – you have everything you need – the experts, the facilities, the ship, the culture and people.  It’s the perfect place.