Maitri Mehta chose to study a Master of Information Technology and Systems (MITS) at the University of Tasmania because it is a medium-sized university that focusses on the individual rather than seeing students as a number. 

I came from India to study a Master of Information Technology and Systems combining systems and IT together which was the main reason why chose it – I couldn’t find this combination in any other university.

Studying MITS at the University of Tasmania will make me more marketable in my home country, India where there are many IT firms because I’ll have knowledge in both IT and systems which gives me a distinct advantage over others. I love programming but the course will give me flexibility to move into other areas in the future if I need to.

When I arrived at the University I was so impressed by the facilities like the Mac Lab. I also love the library and the computing building. Obviously I have to spend a lot of time in both places but they are well resourced and comfortable so I really enjoy being there and don’t get sick of it. It might sound strange but I really love those places.

I’ve been lucky to get a job working in an Indian restaurant after uni. It has two advantages – first I don’t get homesick; and second, the money is always helpful.

My favourite place off campus is Sandy Bay beach. The water is clean and it’s really relaxing to watch the yachts and sea gulls or go for a coffee at the café with friends. There’s fresh air, space and friendly people. Living here’s great. I’d definitely recommend it.

If you too have a passion for IT and are interested in a secure career on graduate, take a look at a Master of Information Technology and Communications.