My name is Ida-Sophie and I chose the University of Tasmania for different reasons. First of all I wanted a challenge, and Tasmania is really far away from Denmark. I wanted to take specialist subjects in sports journalism, environmental history, and environmental journalism. The University of Tasmania allows me to do that. I couldn’t do this in Denmark.

The best thing about the University is that it combines theory and practice really well. We do case studies, and we go out into the field. It’s a great way to apply the theory you learn in a practical setting.

The courses I’m doing I find really interesting because they’re not what I’m used to. We went out to report on a football game and I’ve never seen an Australian footy game before so that’s been a fascinating experience.

Studying at the University helps me in different ways. It’s a great experience going abroad, it helps with learning to be more independent. It’s a great way of doing some networking. It’s a really big plus on your resume when you can say you’ve studied abroad at a University like Tasmania.

I really like to be active. I am a kettle weight trainer in Denmark and I do that here too at the university’s gym. It’s a great facility. I’m making use of the time I have here. I’ve just learned how to surf. I’ve started rock climbing with the Tasmanian Climbing Club. I also really like bushwalking here. I really like getting out every weekend and doing different things. I like being in Hobart because there’s a lot of people who share my interests.

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