Chinese student, Aixia (Shirley) Han, was studying at a mainland Australian university when a friend encouraged her to switch to the University of Tasmania. She is now studying her Master of Social Work.

I have always been very interested in helping people. Through studying social work I started the journey of understanding myself, which helps me to understand people better. Social work is quite new in my home country so it has been very interesting to learn about social work through the context of Australian culture through which social work is embedded.

I was studying at a university in Victoria in 2012 but I was lucky to have a good friend studying at the University of Tasmania and she encouraged me to consider transferring, which I did.

I have chosen to study a Masters in Social Work at the University of Tasmania because it has a very good reputation, excellent teaching staff and comprehensive international student support. It is also the only university in the state of Tasmania and it offers excellent teaching staff, financial support and international student support.

The teaching style at the University of Tasmania is excellent. The teachers and tutors collaborate with students and encourage me to participate. In tutorials students and respectful and supportive and I feel it is a very safe environment for me to share my thoughts and views with my classmates and tutors.

Learning social work values, knowledge and skills at the University of Tasmania helps me to critically reflect on my own culture and my own values. It has helped me to create framework of practice which takes a broad range of cultural and intercultural contexts into account. My study is giving me greater confidence in relating to human beings and the ability to work in different areas.

When I am not studying I like to go to the beach in Sandy bay. I enjoy watching people sailing in the water and the seagulls flying in the blue sky, dogs playing in the exercise area. I also like to sit on the bench looking at the white clouds in the blue sky, looking at the mountains and enjoying a peaceful life. Sometimes my friends also take me to visit places such as the MONA gallery. This is very different to art galleries I have experienced at home. The art uses technology in very new and creative ways and I really like it. I also practice Tai Chi and when I came to Tasmania I started volunteering at an aged care facility where I assisted the residents with exercises. This helped me to connect with my new community.

Studying social work at the University of Tasmania has shaped my values and my thinking, giving me the knowledge to pursue a successful career and the wisdom to live a fulfilled life. I like to help people and this course gives me all the knowledge and skills I need to work with different people from different backgrounds.

Study the Master of Social Work at the University of Tasmania and gain knowledge and skill for professional practice in contemporary social work and human services. Put your commitment to social justice and human rights to work.