I chose to study at the University of Tasmania after researching Australian universities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and visiting various consultancies in my home country.  At the time, I had a lot of friends studying in different courses in Tasmania and they encouraged me to consider the University of Tasmania as it was an excellent place to study and the environment and the weather were not too different to my home country.

The scope of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) courses at University of Tasmania really stood out compared to other institutions.  Importantly, there is greater access to internships, which means a better chance of gaining work experience and improving my chances of securing employment opportunities.

Studying information technology at the University of Tasmania also means 24/7 access to the labs, allocated PCs, personal drives and a server.  The course structure also gives you a lot of practical knowledge and the opportunity to implement what we are taught in practice.

When I get spare time from my studies I like to visit the Tasmanian University Union (TUU) building where students get together over a cup of tea.  The TUU also organises a range of games, sports and parties so we can get a break from studying and rest our minds.

I also like to go to the Salamanca Markets on a Saturday or go to the beaches for some ocean air. One thing I do look forward to is meeting up with my Nepalese friends every Sunday to play soccer for a couple of hours.

My degree will help secure my future.  Nepal is a developing country with demand for people with skills and expertise in this area.  Once I graduate I look forward to returning to my home and applying my knowledge to benefit my country.


Sandip Budhatkoki, Nepal, Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology