After recovering from Lupus as a teenager I spread the word via YouTube. Although I only did it for fun, 50,000 hits later I realised the true power of broadcast media.

My mum says I want to become a journalist because I am loud and noisy like my father, but I chose it as my future career because I now realise that it could give me the potential to help people around the world. The transfer of information is so fast these days and, used properly, it can do a lot of good.

I first heard about the University of Tasmania at an education exhibition in Malaysia. I had already done a diploma in advertising and broadcasting at a local university, but I was looking for a new challenge. We received a great response from the University of Tasmania representative at the fair, and the concept of getting an international scholarship was very appealing. I applied for both with the help of an agent and was accepted within two weeks.

While I got a lot of practical experience studying in Malaysia, at the University of Tasmania I have learnt to think critically.

I still make grammatical errors occasionally but, thanks to English Assist, researching, structuring and presenting arguments in my assignments has become easier. I will just work harder. If other students are giving 100 percent, I will give 150 percent just to make sure I continue to improve.

My work placement at the Youth Network of Tasmania was my first experience of the media working environment here. I have also recently joined the Malaysian Students Society and have been given the task of magazine editor. The road to journalism is widening for me.

My favourite thing about Hobart is the fresh air. It took me a while to get used to the cooler climate but now, when I go back to Malaysia, I am always complaining that it is too hot.

I am living on campus at John Fisher College. My parents feel comfortable that I am safe there. They love to come and visit me when they can and we have been on some great trips together.

It takes time to adapt to studying abroad, but you will enjoy study in Tassie. It is fun to study at University of Tasmania and the lecturers, students and community are always really nice.

Farah Ashikin Mohd Radzi from Malaysia is studying her Bachelor of Arts (Journalism, Media and Communication), if you want to follow the steps of Farah, enquire now to study with us.