I chose to study my doctorate in teaching at the University of Tasmania because of its academic reputation, reasonably priced fees and international scholarship program.

I also wanted the opportunity to work with my current PhD supervisor Thao Le, who is a very well-known academic in his field.

I come from Wuhan in the Hubei province of China. It is close to Shanghai and one of my country’s seven biggest cities. We have several of the top universities in our province so the educational opportunities there are quite large, but many students still choose to go to western countries to do their masters and bachelors to improve their employment opportunities and broaden their minds.

Many of my peers chose Hong Kong or Macau for further study, but I’m very mobile and looked further afield.

After obtaining my Masters I was an English teacher at a Chinese university before coming to Tasmania to study for my PhD.

I am now researching the difficulties that Chinese students face when studying English in our home country, and how that correlates to their experiences in Western universities. I have also had the opportunity to present a journal paper on the topic at an international conference.

I believe that the findings of my research at the University of Tasmania will assist Chinese teachers to develop a more effective English syllabus for Chinese high school students.

I hope to finish my PhD next year and then I plan to apply for a post-doctorate, or find a job in Australia.

My friends and I find plenty to do for relaxation in Launceston. The UniGym on the Newnham campus is very good. Because we study all day we need a place to exercise and the gym offers a great outlet for that.

I was able to find some part-time work as a research assistant for the Faculty of Education, which has helped me to build up my academic profile, and I am currently the international student representative within my faculty.

I have had the chance to do a bit of travelling around the State and seen some of the sites and the wildlife. I like the possums the best. The environment here in Tasmania is very pure and makes people calm. It is not like the noisy cities elsewhere. You can concentrate on what you are doing and I like that.