I was only 16, straight out of high school, and very scared when I first came to the University of Tasmania to study the Bachelor of Engineering.

My family is originally from Bangladesh, but my brothers and I were raised in Saudi Arabia. When it came time to consider universities we went to an Australian Education Fair. The University of Tasmania representative really impressed my father so he told my brothers to consider coming here. When it was my turn I was also lucky enough to receive an International Student Scholarship that entitled me to a 25 per cent discount on my fees.

Because I was straight out of high school I took part in the Foundation Studies Program when I first arrived, which really helped to prepare me for my university studies. It was also great fun. I got to make a lot of nice friends – friends who have now become more like an extended family here in Tasmania.

I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have without the skills that I picked up in Foundation. Not only did it teach me the basics of maths, chemistry and physics; it taught me how to do simple things like properly constructing and referencing my essays.

I am lucky enough to have family here so we all live in a house off campus. I was also able to find a job working at a local fashion store, which I really enjoy, so that helps me with other expenses.

The good thing about my degree is that we don’t decide what to major in until we’ve been exposed to different engineering disciplines each semester. I think it is a good way to create better engineers because you get to experience everything and don’t make any rash career choices.

I think more females should consider engineering as a career. Some things might seem a little manly, but mostly it is very interesting because you get to do a lot of lab work and you get to interact with a lot more people than you would in other fields.

Tasmania is a very beautiful place with plenty of natural landscapes to enjoy – unhampered by lots of cars and big buildings. It is a place where you can still sit and relax and watch the sunset after a long day.

I would recommend studying at the University of Tasmania.  At the bigger unis that some of my friends attend, people don’t take the time to communicate with you. Here, everyone seems to know someone, so you always feel connected. It makes you feel safe and, at the same time, like you are at home.

When I first came here I was really shy and didn’t really want to talk to people, but now my advice to other international students would be to go and talk to everyone because no one is really going to judge you.

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