I’m Hui Zhen Soo from Malaysia and I am studying a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Tasmania.

I chose to study at the University of Tasmania because of the quality of the MBA courses and personal classes. Here in Australia the lecturers encouraged us to voice our opinion so we can discuss with the lecturer the topics we’re having trouble with and they see this as an opportunity for us to learn.

The lecturers have also helped me to improve my English as have my fellow students – being a medium sized university with more locals and who are friendly is definitely an advantage for this.

The University of Tasmania degree will help me in the future with my own business in Malaysia. I want to put into practice what I’ve learned down here when returning to Malaysia, so I become more successful in managing my business.

My favourite thing to do in Tasmania is travelling and shopping. I also like to go for walks around the bay; the water here is very nice and clean and I love its rich blue colour. The air quality here is very clean as well.

My friends here are also teaching me how to cook, so I’m learning to cook totally different dishes I hadn’t tried before.

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