Thais Helena De Athaydes Chrenowski had already studied mechanical engineering but realised early on that it would not be enough to sustain her interest long-term. Keen to stay in Australia, the Brazilian-born engineer decided to study maritime engineering specialising in naval engineering.

I chose to study at the University of Tasmania because I did some research online at the university and found it offered a very good education. The specialist maritime engineering in naval engineering course here is unique in Australia so I was really lucky to find it.

The cost of living is very affordable. I decided to call the course coordinator to discuss the course and he offered to show me the university. I decided on the spot to come here because the University was so welcoming I realized how personable the place was. I hopped on a plane to see the place and knew I’d made the right decision as everyone made me so welcome.

My undergraduate degree was mechanical engineering and thought it was missing something. I wanted to do something more interesting. I also wanted to stay in Australia. Australia needs more people in the oil and gas sector as well as the defence sector. I decided to study maritime engineering because it would open doors to all three sectors.

The kinds of facilities that the University of Tasmania Maritime College has are extremely useful to us when studying this course. The ability to simulate the navigation of a ship, and the towing tank used for testing prototypes are world class and invaluable to students studying this degree.

The career mentor program is very good program offered by the university. It connects you with alumni already in the industry you’re interest in. I’m interested in Defence so I’m now being mentored on a regular basis by a man in Defence who is assisting me with my CV and interview skills and general career advice.

The University also has a leadership program. Every year the University selects around 100 people from the entire university and helps you develop your leadership skills. You also have to do some volunteer work which help develop your leadership skills and connect you with the community.

It’s not all study here though. We have the Nautical Bar where we play games and meet with friends on Friday nights. But what I really like to do is explore Tasmania because it’s such a beautiful place. We have beautiful beaches. We have beautiful forests. We have snow. We can even ski in Tasmania.

I love Tasmania. It is very much a paradise and a great place to live and work.

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