My name is Juugraj Singh and as a child growing up in Kuala Lumpur I was a big fan of action movies. The fast cars, planes and bikes on the big screen sparked my interest in mechanical engineering.  My mother wanted me to do something productive with my passion, so she encouraged me to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather, who was involved in the mining industry.

I did a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and worked for a while, before choosing to pursue further studies overseas.  I was determined to get a scholarship, so my agent (AUG Kuala Lumpur) helped me to apply to a variety of Australian universities, including the University of Tasmania which had high graduate employment rates.  When the University offered me a Tasmania International Scholarship (TIS) I was overjoyed.  My aim is to work in the mining industry in Australia because it’s the best place in the world for it at the moment and you need to graduate from a university here before you can get a foot in the door.

The best thing about studying Engineering at the University of Tasmania is that it gave me the opportunity to gain a broad understanding of the fundamentals of engineering before I had to decide on the area I wanted to specialise in.

Tasmania has really high grade ore deposits in the west of the state.  The University has an excellent relationship with the mining industry and often invites professional engineers to give lectures and provide a real life perspective to students about what is involved in working in the mining industry.

Location was also an important factor in my decision.  I loved living in Kuala Lumpur, but it is a really big city and I wanted to do something different.  Living and studying in Tasmania is completely different to where I come from, in a good way.  The air is clean and I love going for walks along the beach in the cool fresh air.  Meeting new people and making friends seems to be easier for me here and I have an interest in boats so I really appreciate living near the water.  In my spare time I also like to get involved in the Tasmanian community by helping to propagate native plants to regenerate bushland areas burnt out by fires.

The University also offers really unique services to students.  I found the career mentor program very valuable as it matches students with alumni who can share insights and experiences that you cannot get from a class room.  As a Student Ambassador for the University of Tasmania I get involved in open days, deliver talks to future students and offer them advice.

When I first moved to Australia for my studies I noticed that the people were very friendly and much more direct and straight forward.  Tasmanians in particular are very supportive and this has helped a lot with my self-confidence and personal development.

If you’re interested in an exciting and dynamic field with career prospects to match, look no further. Study the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at the University of Tasmania.