I have known about Tasmania since my father brought me home a little handcrafted wooden apple from a conference he attended in the State many years ago. He was very happy to hear that I had chosen to go to the University of Tasmania.

I obtained my degree in veterinary medicine in Thailand and then worked for several years. However, I found that if I wanted to progress my career any further I needed to continue with my education. That’s why I decided to do my Master’s in Applied Science (Marine Environment).

The Australian Maritime College (AMC) at the University of Tasmania was one of the very few institutions that provided a course that focussed specifically on aquaculture.

The timing was also important to me. Having multiple intake dates each year meant that I could start my course at a time that was convenient to me.

I used an agency to help me complete the final stages of the application process. Uniadvice Thailand was very helpful and took care of everything, including my visa paperwork and my application for a University of Tasmania scholarship. They still keep in touch to see how I am going.

I took part in the Direct Entry Academic Program at the University of Tasmania’s English Language Centre before I began my formal studies here and found it very useful. The teacher taught us how to listen and interpret what the lecturers were saying, take notes and how to write an essay. It was also a great way to meet new friends who were all in the same boat as me.

I had no problems finding a part-time job in Launceston, and hunting for a share house off campus was a new and interesting experience for me.

The excellent facilities and smaller class sizes at AMC mean that I get far more hands-on and practical-based experience. AMC’s close industry connections also helped me find work experience at Van Diemen Aquaculture, which gave me some insight into how things are done at a commercial level in Tasmania.

Socially, there is plenty for me to do in Launceston. I have many friends and we often have dinner together, go second-hand shopping or go out somewhere in the city. I also get involved in the occasional Community Friends Network Program activity, like cooking on campus.

I have made sure that I have seen a lot of Tasmania while I have been here. I liked Bay of Fires and Cradle Mountain so much that I bought a National Parks Pass so that I can keep going back.

When I graduate I hope to find work in the aquaculture industry, which is very big in Thailand.

My advice to other international students considering coming to the University of Tasmania is to do your research and be sure of what you want before diving in but, when you get here, open your mind and enjoy everything.

Napatsorn Torchareon studied a Master of Applied Science (Marine Environment) at the University of Tasmania, if you want to follow her steps, simply contact us today to receive further information.