Meng Ting (Rebecca) Hua, from Shanghai in China, is currently studying a Masters of Professional Accounting. She says the close partnership between Shanghai Ocean University, her Chinese alma mater, and the University of Tasmania was a key reason in her decision in coming to study in Tasmania.

Deciding to complete a Masters of Professional Accounting at the University of Tasmania was an easy decision.  Firstly, the international student program at the University of Tasmania has been running for many years, which gave me a lot of confidence.  There is also a long standing partnership with the Shanghai Ocean University (SOU) in my hometown where I began my studies.  Knowing that the University of Tasmania has an excellent professional academic record and a reputation as one of the best research universities in Australia also helped.

Obviously, the environment is very different to China and Tasmania is a very beautiful place to live.  My favourite place is the capital city, Hobart, and in particular Sandy Bay where my campus is located. There are so many events for international students to participate in which allows you to meet a lot of friends, get to know your teachers and classmates and improve your English language ability and communication skills.

The lecturers and tutors at the University also come from diverse backgrounds and each brings their own unique knowledge and experience which enriches my own learning experience.  The professional and interpersonal skills I gain from studying here will help me access good job opportunities in the future.

Back home in China, I enjoy folk music and here in Tasmania I like to play my Erhu – a traditional Chinese instrument that looks like a violin.  Tasmania is becoming a very popular tourist destination with a growing number of events and festivals.  I have been asked to perform my Erhu at the world famous Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).  This was an amazing experience which gave me the opportunity to share my culture with the people of Tasmania and helped me connect to the community.

As an international student I have received strong support from the Business Faculty, my friends, the community and from the government, so even though I am an international student Tasmania has become my second home.