Chaojie Zhou from China is dedicated to inspiring upcoming generations of young people. Having the University arrange teaching placements as well the provision of scholarships to support his study attracted him to study Master of Teaching at the University of Tasmania.

I am studying teaching because I want to be become a person who can inspire young people.

The University of Tasmania enabled me to access an International Student Scholarship to complete a Masters of Teaching as well as additional courses to improve my English language skills.  The University offers great support, an accessible teaching and learning style and excellent placement opportunities.

Through the student placement program I was able to take the skills and knowledge I gained throughout the course and put them into practice at a number of different schools around Hobart. Gaining teaching experience within Australia is a valuable asset and I feel well prepared for a career in this profession.

My favourite part of the University of Tasmania is the Morris Miller Library.  It is a great place to access computers and wireless internet, and there is a lot of support to help you complete your research and assignments.

When I am not studying, I volunteer as the secretary of a Tasmanian University Union society called the Campus Christian Movement.  I also help out with university programs like the student advancement program where I lead high school students on tours around the university.

The biggest cultural difference between China and Australia is how people view you.  It seems people in Australia are more used to difference and diversity than in China.

I enjoy living here. I meet with a group of friends from all around the world every Saturday to play soccer at the University soccer field. And my favourite place to visit is the top of Mount Wellington which sits behind Hobart.  From the top of the mountain you can see the whole view of Hobart which is really beautiful.

If you’d like a career in teaching find out more about our Master of Teaching at the University of Tasmania here.