Rifka Sibarani from Indonesia is passionate about  the environment, public policy and using political frameworks for the community’s and environment’s benefit. So it’s no surprise that she was attracted tolearn from global experts in environmental public policy at the University of Tasmania and undertake an internship in Tasmanian parliament.

I’m really lucky to be studying a Master of Public Policy at the University of Tasmania. Tasmania is the crucible for the environmental movement so by studying here in Tasmania I am able to see how people’s commitment to the environment is reflected in public policy and learn from the experts who have helped shape the green movement.

One of the things that attracted me to study here is that the public policy degree allows me to take an internship and a master’s research at the end of my study so even though I’m taking a master’s by coursework I can develop my research skills and take the opportunity through the internship to work with people from the Tasmania parliament. That’s a unique opportunity.

The course might sound dry but it is actually really interesting. At the University of Tasmania we don’t simply study political science from a book; we also learn about game theory, climate policy and how to develop policy and how to implement it to solve problems in society.

What is also incredible about studying public policy at the University of Tasmania is that you aren’t just learning from books, you are learning from the experts. Learning from experts such as Kate Crawley has been one of the greatest life experiences I have ever had. There are few experts in climate politics in Indonesia. Tasmania is the landmark of green politics in Australia and indeed the world so I’m really fortunate to learn in the place where green politics evolved from people who have an intimate knowledge of the issues.

Living here I have the opportunity to volunteer with various organisations which I love. I believe that scholars should put theory into practice by implementing their skills and knowledge to solve the real problems in society.

I believe when I finish my study and return to Indonesia I will contribute to strengthening bilateral relations between Australia and Indonesia. I’m really excited about being able to do that.