My name is Samsiah Rahman and I am from Malaysia. I first heard about the University of Tasmania from my old arts lecturer who came to the University of Tasmania for a conference. “On her return, she told me about the beautiful land of Tasmania and the excellent Fine Art course offered at the University which also had specialities in sculpture and ceramics. I was keen to come here as there wasn’t a university in Malaysia that offered as good a course as the University of Tasmania’s. My lecturer encouraged me to apply, and I was really excited to get in.

There are a lot of advantages to studying Fine Arts here in Tasmania. In Tasmania, the people really appreciate art and the art community is highly supportive of artists. This is very different to the attitude in my home where people don’t see art as a career option.

Another benefit of studying Fine Arts at the University of Tasmania is that is that we can participate in friends’ exhibitions – we don’t get that sort of opportunity to exhibit as students in Malaysia.

The way the course is taught here is also a great advantage. As master’s students, we have seminars together every week where we critique each other’s work so that we can learn from each other and improve. We are also given the opportunity to go to exhibitions and museums so that we can learn. We are really fortunately that we have been allowed to go to MONA Museum, one of the world’s most fantastic art museums, to critique and review artwork there using multimedia apps, which has been really beneficial to my sculpture development and learning experience.

Hobart’s entirely different to Kuala Lumpur which is a big crowded, noisy city – here is more open and beautiful and is a much better environment for an artist to further their education. The environment here in Tasmania is so totally awesome that I forgot to get homesick!

I am a nature lover, and it’s from the natural environment that I get a lot of inspiration for my artwork. So of course, I do a lot of bushwalking. I’ve travelled a lot around Hobart and Tasmania to get inspiration for my artwork. I love to walk around Mount Wellington and Mount Nelson and the Water Work Reserve in Hobart. My favourite place near Launceston is Cataract Gorge which has all you need in one place – river, bush, and so close to town.

For anyone who wants to improve their artistic skills, the University of Tasmania is the best choice because the University has excellent facilities and the beauty of the natural environment will really inspire you.

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