I was working as a university counsellor when I was lucky enough to receive the opportunity to improve my job marketability with further education.

I did my Bachelor of Business Management at Shanghai Ocean University (SOU) in China and, because of the University of Tasmania’s longstanding partnership with SOU; I was able to transfer smoothly from SOU to the University of Tasmania to undertake my postgraduate studies here.

I decided to change my focus to Accounting for my master’s because I was looking for subjects that I believed would give me a competitive edge in the job market.

Although I was very worried when I first arrived here, my friends have helped me to settle in – showing me the sites and helping me to find somewhere to stay.   Tasmanian School of Business and Economics International staff, Merry Joyce and Anthony Ray, have also been amazing and always willing to answer any questions that I might have.

I do have plans to do a lot of travelling around the State while I am here. It’s a long way from China and there are many different things for me to experience. Tasmania itself is amazing and is also not far from the other states and New Zealand, so I fully intend to make the most of the travel opportunities

My advice to other international students is to makes as many friends as you can and practise your English language skills with as many locals as possible. Both of these things will make your time here much more enjoyable.

Going to study overseas is a very important and useful way for students, particularly those from China, to improve their leverage in the job market; so make the most of the opportunity.