As a child I wanted to be an astronaut or a pilot, but as it turns out I followed my sister and brothers into the world of business, and I am very happy with that.

After I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration I technically was meant to study in England because both my brothers are there. However, they both told me to come to Australia because it is beautiful and a land of opportunity with a thriving economy.

I narrowed down my search for the right university by doing my research on the Internet, as well as consulting an agent. Once I had made my decision I gave them my documents and they took care of everything for me.

I chose to come to the University of Tasmania to study my Master of Professional Accounting (specialisation) because it is a sandstone university, which was an important consideration for me. I also like the fact that Tasmania is slightly laid back. It is small enough that you can meet a lot of people and the community is very nice. I don’t feel that I am far away from home because this has become my home away from home.

The University of Tasmania has definitely lived up to my expectations. I have loved every minute here. There are a lot of opportunities and people are very encouraging.

There are plenty of opportunities to become involved in campus life and the community so I am trying to do as much as I can manage in conjunction with my MPA.

I got selected for the Vice Chancellor’s Leadership Award and I am also a student ambassador and student engagement leader for the University.

I am also the international student representative for the Faculty of Business, the student representative for the School of Accounting and Corporate Governance, a student mentor for the TUU and the president of the Pakistani Society.

I was chosen to take part on the Greensteps Internship Program. The program, and my internship with Natural Resource Management South, has given me another perspective towards my degree and has given me that competitive edge that I was looking for.

I am also enjoying the opportunity to take part in sporting activities with local clubs. I have taken up archery, netball and swimming.

I did not find it difficult to find part-time work in Hobart. I believe that any kind of work experience is important because it gives you extra skills for future employers.

I would absolutely recommend UTAS to other international students. Tasmania has everything that the mainland has, including clubs and parties – just on a more compact scale. And it’s all balanced out by all the other things that the State has to offer.

I have been mesmerised by Tasmania’s beauty. It is in its natural state and hasn’t been affected or tarnished by cosmetic beauty like a lot of the big cities that you go to. And there is plenty to do in Hobart, like the Taste Festival, Dark MOFO and the MONA museum, which is free for UTAS students.

My advice to other international students is to remember that you will make friends. Be patient, be open to change and experience everything that you can over here. Meet as many people as you can too. There is learning in every conversation.

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