I have always been interested in the world of business and knew it would be a good career path for me.

My father sent me to study at Shanghai Ocean University (SOU) because he discovered that its Business Information Systems major was fully supported by the University of Tasmania, and he always hoped that I would get the chance to do my postgraduate studies overseas.

I changed my focus to professional accounting for my master’s because I think it can offer me more chances of work, no matter where I end up. The staff at the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics went out of their way to make sure that everything went smoothly for me.

Although it is hard to study something new in another language, there are basic rules of business that can be applied to many areas. The knowledge that I gained in my SOU degree has definitely helped me to adapt.

All of the staff at the University of Tasmania have been very kind; taking the time to listen to me and help me with my problems even though my English is not very good.

Some of my friends from SOU were already at University of Tasmania when I arrived. They have helped to show me around and to find a place to stay off campus. I have even been lucky enough to find a part-time job even though I have only been here a short time.

I think the environment in Hobart is good for me. I am not a social girl, but the living circumstances here are very good. It is relaced and I can enjoy my studies, chatting with friends, work, walking in the street and the sunshine. Hobart is very similar to where I was born in the Haonan Province of China, so I haven’t felt stressed here at all. I miss my parents, but I can always talk to them on the phone.

I am keeping my options open about my plans for when I finish my master’s, but if I do get the chance to stay here I will definitely grab the opportunity firmly, with both hands.

I would definitely recommend the University of Tasmania to other international students. Hobart is a fantastic place for studying and finding friends. It might seem quiet, but it is a great place to acquire knowledge and share ideas with others.

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