I had already completed two years of computing study in China before I made the decision to continue my education overseas.

One of the main reasons for my decision was that I wanted to improve my English. I want to be a person who can compete in the field on an international level and who has the skills to work with other people from all over the world.

When I discovered that the University of Tasmania was one of only three universities in the world to offer a Human Interface Technology Lab (HITLab), and that its fees were very affordable, I knew it was the place for me.

I’ve really enjoyed my course so far. I’m currently working on a project where the user can gesture to interact with the computer instead of using the mouse. We are trying to create a more immersive experience by the use of three-dimensional technology.

My parents, who are both teachers at the university in my hometown of Chengdu, encouraged me to travel further afield for my studies. They want me to have different experiences and opportunities – to have my “eyes wide open” to the ways of the world.

Tasmania has been a good choice for me. The environment here is very good and my time in the HITLab has proven to be way beyond my initial expectations.

The computing infrastructure and facilities are readily available and staff are always willing to help. I have had way more hands-on learning opportunities here.

I am currently living off-campus with a group of other international students. We did not find it hard to find a place to rent in Launceston.

I like campus life at the University. I enjoy sports so there’s always plenty to do. I play basketball and futsal on campus once a week and I try to catch up with my friends from the English Language Centre for a game of table tennis.

Tasmania is famous for its sights and beautiful scenes, so I have done a lot of travelling with my friends. I think the East Coast is my favourite spot – the sea is so blue and the sand is so white and the weather is so good there.

Most people don’t know enough about the human interface technology – it is all around you, in your phone, in your computer – but when they do, they will be more likely to come to the University of Tasmania. I would thoroughly recommend it as a great place for computing students who are looking for an affordable and quiet place to study.