Business to Business and Industrial markets are vast and a key foundation of the global economy. On a global scale business now faces dramatic and rapid changes. As of February 2015, the University of Tasmania will be the first university in the world to offer a truly integrated degree focusing on Business to Business and Industrial Marketing.

Lead by Professor Aron O’Cass, the new Master of Marketing Management degree, has been designed to develop future marketing executives with sound analytical skills, creative ability and a strong strategic capacity.

Through a comprehensive understanding of business and industrial markets, the Master of Marketing Management program provides leading-edge thinking, and the latest tools and techniques to help you create a competitive edge and build your career in business-to-business, industrial marketing and consumer marketing. Organisations will value your skills and knowledge because they will benefit from your leading edge understanding of business and industrial marketing management.

As a fully integrated and dedicated Master’s degree focusing on business to business and industrial marketing, this multifaceted, in-depth program will make you more attractive to organisations across a range of industries and make you better equipped to navigate new challenges throughout your marketing career.

This course will be valued by graduates seeking to become rapidly operational, able to move into management positions in highly competitive environments, and combine their technical knowledge with leading edge marketing expertise.

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