A high-achieving University of Tasmania graduate has been given a nod by a renegade Australian CEO in his new book.

Waqas Durrani appears in a feature and a photograph in Alex Malley’s new book The Naked CEO – The truth you need to build a big life. Mr Malley, who is famous for his unconventional methods to business – and life – success.

Alex and Waqas connected at the Future Leaders Forum in 2014. Waqas was one of just 12 student participants from Australia and New Zealand chosen to attend the event. The student attendees were mentored in how to succeed in business and become leaders of the future. Waqas was given double thumbs up by Melbourne’s best stylist Eduardo Xavier, with his business attire particularly earning the admiration of Mr Malley.

Waqas, who holds a Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) (Business Management) from the University, now works in the accounting and finance sector and has his own aspirations of leadership, hoping to one day become a CEO too.

Alex’s book highlights the importance of interpersonal skills and presentation, giving Waqas as a stellar example: “…Waqas ensured he introduced himself to as many of his new colleagues as possible, repeating their names as a mark of respect and to help him remember them. He also worked out a simple, yet, effective tip: ‘You have to wear a smile every day’, Waqas said. ‘It’s the best accessory you can have. It’s something everyone can do. And it makes you seem more approachable and warm to people and they are receptive to that. They will smile and be friendly in return.'”

Waqas said Alex’s determination and innovation in achieving his dreams was inspiring.

“He tells us that whatever dream you have, it’s possible. Never let go of your daring and drive to actualise those dreams.”

Read Alex Malley’s full piece on Waqas here: http://www.thenakedceo.com/news-and-views/ask-alex-revisited-waqas-durrani/

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