A semester or two abroad at the University of Tasmania just got even better. Why? Because the University of Tasmania, which is among the top 2% of Universities Worldwide, now offers specific study abroad certificate programs that are perfect for students like you! Amidst the natural beauty of Australia’s island state of Tasmania, you can now complete an individualized study program which will help you gain field specific knowledge while earning a Study Abroad Certificate of completion to add to your resume!

A University of Tasmania Study Abroad Certificate provides can provide you with the opportunity to live, study, and experience life in another culture, while focusing your studies on one of nearly 30 specific areas of academic interest. In order to earn a Certificate, students will be required to study at least three courses from those offered within each field of study which are outlined on the website.

Nearly 30 Study Abroad Certificate programs are offered. Here are just a few that are available:

  • A Business Taster
  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Creative Events
  • Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Tourism
  • Food for Thought
  • Marine & Offshore Engineering
  • Race, Religion, & Ethnicity


Learn more about this amazing opportunity by speaking to staff in your university’s International Office or contact one of our representatives in your country for assistance. Click here to see a list of all the available certificate programs.