The University of Tasmania community is celebrating its success in the 2015 New Colombo Plan study abroad scholarships.

The plan, run by the Federal Government, provides funding for scholarships enabling students to study abroad, and mobility funding for institutions to further support internationally-focused teaching and learning initiatives.

The University is congratulating its five students who received scholarships under the Colombo Plan’s Elite Scholarship program, one of the largest number of scholarships awarded to any Australian university.

Each scholarship is valued at up to $67,000 and supports promising students to study abroad in any of the 17 Indo-Pacific country participating in the program.

China was the most popular destination (11 students), followed by Indonesia and Singapore (10 each), then Hong Kong and Japan (9).

The successful scholars were honoured at an official dinner in Canberra this week hosted by the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

The University has also received $242,000 funding to support international experiences for 66 outbound students.

Also, in conjunction with ANU, the University has received $72,000 as part of the Regional Universities Indonesian Language Initiative (RUILI) and an additional $15,000 as member institution for In-Country Indonesian Studies.

University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Rathjen, said the result was “excellent” and congratulated the scholarship recipients particularly.

“Studying overseas is a truly worthy experience for students, and we are thrilled to be able to support our high-achievers in this way.”

Professor Rathjen said the funding initiatives would also aim to help build relationships with students, institutions and businesses in other countries.

“The funding obtained under the New Colombo Plan will enable the University to continue to focus on providing a quality educational experience which is global in scope, producing graduates who are citizens of the world.”

The scholarships recipients from the University of Tasmania are:

  • Clare Henry (studying Science and will travel to China)
  • Elizabeth Phillips (studying Health Science and will travel to India)
  • Emily Forsyth (studying Business/Law and will travel to China)
  • Liam Callaway (studying Computing/Science and will travel to Japan)
  • Nathan Nikolai (studying Business and will travel to Indonesia)

For more information about the 2015 New Colombo Plan, please visit: