Need to submit an assignment but caught high and dry without Wi-Fi in Hobart? Here at The Explorer we know how that feels.  Never fear, this handy guide features a range of free Wi-Fi hotspots to get you out of those tense situations.

1.      Doctor Coffee, Hobart/Sandy Bay.

Doctor Coffee, located in both Hobart and Sandy Bay have free Wi-Fi available in store. They’ve even got ipads available for customers to borrow. Bonus!

2.      The Mercury Building, Salamanca Square.

Find yourself stuck out at night without phone credit? No worries, the Salamanca square corner nearest the Mercury building has free Wi-Fi available at all hours. Handy for diners at Smolt (the restaurant on the ground floor), or those on the outside tables at Barcelona.  

 3.      Telstra Wi-Fi Hotspots

Free Telstra Wi-Fi hotspots are located at retrofitted Telstra payphones around the city (including Elizabeth, Collins, Argyle and Brisbane Streets), compatible with any device on any network. Free for now thanks to a trial period, the hotspots will eventually become a paid service available to Telstra broadband customers, so take advantage while it lasts!

 4.      University of Tasmania Campuses

In addition to the main Sandy Bay campus, University of Tasmania’s satellite Hobart campuses provide handy University Wi-Fi for those wishing to get some study done in the city. These include the Conservatorium, the Menzies Centre, and the Hunter Street Arts Centre.

5.      Frankies Empire Coffee House

The study- friendly Frankies coffee house in Elizabeth street features free Wi-Fi as well as vegetarian and vegan options in addition to great coffee and an abundance of powerpoints.

  6.      Fish Frenzy

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away? Fish Frenzy at Constitution Dock serves you up a fresh helping of free Wi-Fi in addition to delicious fish and chips.

 7.      Jam Jar Lounge

Jam Jar in Battery Point have free Wifi in addition to a great breakfast selection and Friday night tapas.

 8.      Dickens Ciderhouse

Wash that cider down with some delicious Wi-Fi. Next to Zap in Salamanca.

 9.      IXL Atrium

Enjoy the free wifi from the Henry Jones Art Hotel while sipping coffee and studying in the IXL Atrium, Hunter Street.

 10.   Tasman Quartermasters

Nothing complements a delicious burger better than some free Wi-Fi, and Tasman Quartermasters do both very well.