For the first time in Australia, Bachelor of Pharmacy students now have the option of cutting six months from their degree.

Thanks to a new University of Tasmania Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, if students miss out on the February Pharmacy intake they no longer lose the six months spent waiting for the next intake the next year. Instead, they can start the course in July and still finish their degree at the same time as those students who started in February!

Head of the University’s Pharmacy School, Associate Professor Luke Bereznicki, says the 3.5 year degree initiative is unique to the University of Tasmania and provides great advantages to students:

“The program presents a unique opportunity for international students to start in July but by allowing them to finish in three and a half years instead of four means they effectively don’t lose those six months and can get on with their careers as quickly as possible. With 100 percent employment rates for our graduates there’s no reason why you’d want to delay.”

The University of Tasmania’s pharmacy degree is renowned for its world class teaching staff and focus on quality clinical training.  Students starting in July will still complete the same high quality, clinical focussed course as their counterparts in the February intake. However, to ensure both groups graduate at the same time the July intakes simply do single summer semester units for three consecutive summer semesters so that, come Fourth Year, the mid-year entry program is completely in line with the February intake program.

“I’m really proud that we are the first and indeed only pharmacy school in Australia to have implemented a simple but innovative initiative that puts students’ needs first without compromising our world-class program,” Professor Bereznicki said.

Applications are being taken now for the 3.5 year July intake pharmacy course. If you would like more information about the course, please click here.

If instead you’d like to start in February please find out more information here.

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