My name is Anh Khoa Nguyen but I go by the name of Been both here and in my hometown of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I was studying in New Zealand and was planning to go to an Australian mainland university but the environment was not really suitable to study. My sister who was studying in Canberra was also looking to study elsewhere and sent me the link to the University of Tasmania website. Choosing to study at the University of Tasmania has been the best decision we ever made. Mainland universities have huge crowds of international students whereas Tasmania is more peaceful and friendly with better opportunities for me to improve my English.

I started with the Foundation Studies Program which really helped to get me ready for university. Without the Foundation Studies Program I don’t think I would have passed first year.

I actually wasn’t planning to study Pharmacy at first. I was planning to study engineering but I met some friends in the Foundation Studies Program who were studying Pharmacy so I thought I would try it out. Pharmacy is a rigorous course but I am doing what I like and I enjoy every minute of it. It felt wonderful to be invited to do Honours: it is a very limited offering and I felt very excited and proud that my results were good enough to be accepted.

I am only a student but the Honours program is giving me an amazing opportunity to work closely with my supervisors and to conduct real research about cancer and the molecule that we are targeting to stop the proliferation of cancer. It is really interesting and an amazing feeling to be working on a project that could help so many people.

I have such a passionate interest in Pharmacy now. There is no looking back   ̶  this is my future and I am very excited by it. I am looking forward to continuing my studies at the University of Tasmania with the Master of Pharmaceutical Science once I complete my Honours program.

The lecturers are friendly, approachable and supportive and they give me so many opportunities to improve my English, which is perfect for me. The School of Pharmacy also provides students a lot of opportunities throughout the course to improve their professional communication. During lab work we are given tasks we have to complete under pressure – it gives us the opportunity to prepare real medications within an authentic industry framework. It is very challenging but also very rewarding.

I know that I am getting the best possible training, knowledge and experience to have a successful career in Pharmacy.

One last thing! I love the food in Tasmania. I have eaten a lot of Asian food growing up so I actually prefer Western food for now but there a couple of great Vietnamese restaurants in Sandy Bay that I go to when I am missing home. A lot of the time I cook for myself which is great. There are also a lot of Asian grocery shops.

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