Fess up – you’re reading this because you’re meant to be studying, right? We could help you procrastinate a bit more by writing a long introduction (which would let us delay having to finish writing this!) but we know you’re dying to get on with improving your procrastination skills . So you here you go – our top ten best ways to procrastinate when you should be studying…

Well dress guineapig#1 Find that site you have been dreaming of

This is the obvious one and the one most people will turn to when they are studying at their computer. So instead of you wasting time trying to find that thing you don’t know you are looking for, here it is, the Find the Invisible Cow Game.  If that doesn’t do it for you, here is a bunch of links to the top 15 procrastination websites. You’re welcome. Now get back to work.






baking-recipes-1_2023652b#2 Make it and Bake it

Yeah, baking is a mind game. You think you are doing it because you need food and it saves you money but what you are really doing is procrastinating. It’s ok, everyone does it, it’s normal but if you are on your third batch of cupcakes this week it really is time to put down the spatula, turn off the oven and get back to your desk.





cleaning-268134_640#3 Spring cleaning (even though we are coming into winter)

If you are a hard-core procrastinator and you are suddenly getting the urge to spring clean your house… we say, GO FOR IT! It can only make you feel better and probably think and study better too and if it doesn’t and you end up failing at least you will have a clean house to come back to.





Sleep-1#4 Convince yourself you’re really tired

Don’t get us wrong, sleep is important and you need a minimum or 6-8 hours per day. But if this procrastination tool is something you can relate to we suggest you keep track of how much sleep you are getting. Write it down and keep track of every nap so that you can have a better argument with yourself.





exercise#5 Sudden and URGENT need to keep fit!

Again, this is not all bad but if this new fitness freak-out involves going shopping first to get an exercise outfit so your mission will be successful you need to stop and reflect. With such an elaborate procrastination plan you must be panicking and getting desperate. Now step away from the desk, put on some old shoes, go for a brisk walk and get it together.






best-mixtape-ever#6 Make a mix tape

How can your friends really know you if they don’t know your Top 40 songs of all time? How can you know yourself if you don’t prioritise the making of this mix tape RIGHT NOW! How can your brain relax enough to study without the perfect vibes to chill it out? Knowing yourself is one of the keys to success in life as is being relaxed so you are kind of on the right track. However Rome wasn’t built in a day so try doing five songs at time as a study break reward.





#7 List of books to read when you finish studying

Similar to the mix tape, this list, right now, is possibly the most important thing you could be doing with your life. All this study has been making you feel like you don’t like reading, but you do, god damn it, and you need this list to prove it! Here are a few books to consider putting on your list.





Custom shoe#8 Customise your dream sneakers

Did you know that Nike, Converse and Adidas all offer online customisation tools so you can dream up your very own unique pair of sneakers? You don’t have to buy the sneakers this is purely hypothetical and a good 20 to 30 minutes of procrastination time. This might even be the key to your new fitness regime!





shadow puppets

#9 Learn a new party trick

Do you feel like you can be a bit dull at parties? Not anymore!

You can start right now by learning how to sing the alphabet backwards, build a repertoire of shadow puppets you can make with your hands, learn to play the ukulele, the sky is the limit. This moment could change your life!



to-do-list-400x260#10 Write another To Do list

Yes, you already know what you need to do, but it won’t hurt to write it down one more time. Perhaps you will use a different colour pen this time, change the priorities or add check boxes so you can tick things off this time and not get so damned confused. Yes, this list will end your procrastination and make you successful – it’s called time management.