Woo hoo! Uni has started and for newbies it’s a whole new world.

No need to panic, though. We’ve got you covered with Orientation Week activities to help you get accustomed to uni life: learn your way round campus; opportunities to meet new friends; you your lecturers (they’re actually really friendly); learns some skills to get you through study (well, it’s kind of the reason you’re here after all!); and familiarize you with all places to go for assistance should you need it.


Orientation Program

First step for Orientation week is to get hold of the orientation program for your campus. You can find them here:




Online Orientation

You should also check out the Online Orientation Online Orientation or, if you’re a distance student, Online Orientation for Distance Students. These will provide you with heaps of survival tips to get you through uni successfully. Things like learning and academic skills programs, counselling and disability services, clubs you can join and, well, university life in general.

And if you’re a little bit shy to begin with you can slowly immerse yourself in uni life interactively through our social media. First Year at UTAS on Facebook is a great way to get answers to your questions and to keep in touch with fellow students and Student Advisers.



The Pre-Uni Checkpoint asks you questions about your readiness for university and provides you with a checklist of tasks to do and resources to investigate. If you want a simple printable list, see the Pre-Semester Checklist.


Social Media

If you’re a distance student, have a look at Distance Students at UTAS on Facebook. On both these sites, you can find information about events, services and opportunities that can help you have fun and make the most of your university experience. Feel free to post questions on the page and we’ll answer within 24 hours. You can also speak confidentially to a Student Adviser by messaging us through these pages.


And of course, don’t forget social media specifically for international students! Not only is there this blog where we’ll post survival guides and our popular top ten guides on things like cheap eats and free wifi spots around town or weirdest places to spend your free time in Tassie, we also have our international UTAS twitter account: @UTAS_WORLD. Make sure you follow us for live time updates on international student events and other fun stuff!

Contact us

For more information about Orientation, or your First Year at UTAS, please contact the Student Transition and Retention Team

Email: First.Year@utas.edu.au